What was Franklin Book Programs?

Franklin Publications Inc. (Franklin Book Programs Inc. after 1964) was founded in 1952 as a non-profit organization. Franklin was initially funded by the US government, but it also relied on don133_6070ations, private sponsors and its actual operations. In the five years ending 30 June 1963, “about 35% of the support came from the US government and the balance from private foundation, individuals, and corporations, from foreign governments and organizations, and from operational income” (Smith, no. 4359, 15 Jan. 1964). In 1974-5, only 10 percent of the funding of a $14 million budget was received from US government contracts (Filstrup 432). Franklin’s objective reads as follows:

Through the publication and dissemination of the printed word to the peoples of the world outside the United States and its territories, to stimulate interest in and to promote the freedom, dignity and welfare of mankind; and to convey to them the knowledge and information relating to the peoples of the United States, and to stimulate interest in the history, government, culture, economy, technology, science and learning of the people of the United States. The corporation is organized and shall conduct its affairs solely for the purposes aforesaid and not for pecuniary profit (Franklin Certificate of Incorporation, 29 May 1952).


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