Books and Agents

Online Panel Discussion 9/09/21 6pm. Discover how America used publishing for political agitation in the Cold War through the Congress for Cultural Freedom (CCF) and Franklin Book Programs, and how anti colonial cultural networks including the Afro-Asian Writers Association were formed. This was a great opportunity to talk with the people behind the Fehras Publishing … Continue reading Books and Agents

Special issue is published

Translation, in the age of Google Translate, “fake news” and the Internet, is a matter of a click. For most of the end-users, that click masks both the Cold War roots of translation technologies and the complex professional networks that lie behind it. Despite considerable advances in translation technologies, translators are still essential in a … Continue reading Special issue is published

Faulkner and the cultural Cold War

Pleased to announce the publication of my article, The cultural Cold War in the Middle East: William Faulkner and Franklin Book Programs, in the forthcoming special issue of the Journal Translation and Interpreting Studies on Translation and the Cultural Cold War, which I have co-edited with Giles Scott-Smith. The article is open access and available … Continue reading Faulkner and the cultural Cold War

Culture Wars: Competing World Views in the Cold War

Excited to announce that from next academic year I will be teaching a course entitled, "Culture Wars: Competing World Views in the Cold War", as part of Leiden Universiteit Honours College Humanities Lab. This is the description of the course: The Cold War is generally understood as a confrontation between capitalism and communism, represented in … Continue reading Culture Wars: Competing World Views in the Cold War