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“Lonesome Train”

“April 24, 1956, letter from Smith (NY) to Sanati (Tehran): The Subject: Presents for Translators

  1. Parvis Daryoush. I vividly remember how Daryoush reacted to the Lonesome Train. He was so moved that he cried and we couldn’t play the other side for fear that it would be too much for him. I promised to send him the record, assuming that he would play it at a time when has had a firmer grip on himself. It is a gripping story that it recounted in the record, and Daryoush is such an emotional person that it is not too surprising that he acted so strongly.”

Daryoush was a prolific Iranian translator who translated Faulkner’s The Unvanquished (1938) into Persian under Franklin’s sponsorship, published first in 1957.