The legacy of Franklin in the US

Last year when I was in the Library of Congress, I checked a number of boxes that included the actual books published by Franklin field offices. The local Franklin offices had to send 25 copies of each single title to the Franklin head office in New York. A look at the list of receivers is, I think, of interest:

Franklin Persian books at the Library of Congress

-Proprietor: 10 copies

-P. O . Box No. 3: 1 (I really like to know whose address is this? Any help?)

-Library of Congress: 2

Brooklyn Public Library: 1

Detroit Public: 1

University of Utah: 1

Columbus University: 1

Out of 25, 7 remained with Franklin.

The books, so I was told, were given by Datus Smith in boxes and were kept offside for a long time. It was the first time that some of them were opened in almost 40 years.

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